India biggest obstacle in Mumbai attacks trial: Nisar


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Senior PML-N leader and former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday held India responsible for the stalled trial regarding Mumbai terror attacks.
“Pakistan was subjected to heavy criticism over the Mumbai attacks,” Nisar said, in the backdrops of Nawaz Sharif’s recent interview.
The former minister said that India had used the Mumbai attacks to malign Pakistan. “I am privy to all aspects of the case as I was the interior minister,” he said.
The probe into the case was being conducted by Federal Investigation Agency which comes under the Ministry of Interior.
Nisar also blamed India for his aggressive behaviour and refusing to cooperate during the investigation into the case. “The lack of cooperation by India was the biggest hurdle in the investigation. India wasn’t interested in a transparent investigation,” he said.
The attack occurred in India, where 90 per cent of the proofs were present but India refused to share those with Pakistan, Nisar remarked.
“We kept on requesting India to cooperate in the case. We have always cooperated with India over information sharing pertaining to all incidents of terrorism,” Nisar added.
“India always shows aggression when it comes to incidents such as that of Kulbushan Jadhav,” he said, referring to the Indian spy facing a death sentence in Pakistan.
Nisar further said that India wasn’t even willing to cooperate with the investigation committee formed by the Pakistani courts. “The committee wasn’t even allowed to travel to India at first.”
With regards to Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, who India claims to be the sole attacker of the incident to be captured alive, Nisar said he was the sole eyewitness of the attacks. “The Pakistani investigation team wasn’t allowed to ask questions from Ajmal.”
India announced his death sentence and ‘removed’ him, Nisar said, alleging that the death sentence process was hurried so that the facts are never brought before the world.
All of Pakistan’s requests, letters, and announcements regarding the Mumbai attacks have been recorded, which are safe with the FIA, he added.
According to Nisar, there was no bigger evidence of the Indian government’s lack of interest in taking the case to its end than its refusal to allow FIA to question the only living proof of the attacks: Ajmal Kasab.
“In a country where cases concerning capital punishment face years of delays, the only proof in a very important case was sent to the gallows in extreme haste to take him away from the public eye and close the door before facts became public.”
Kasab was hanged in such haste, Nisar said, so that the Mumbai attacks could be used as a tool for “Pakistan bashing” across the world on political basis.

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