India befools world declaring accidental fire as terror attack in Uri


Blast occurred during offloading kerosene oil

Mian Arshad

Islamabad—India has befooled the entire world by declaring an accidental blast in oil depot in Army Brigade headquarters at the town of Uri near the Line of Control as terrorist attack.
There is a huge oil depot at Uri Battalion Camp near the LoC near Uri city from where oil is provided to other forward military bases at LoC including Sukhdar, Gohallan, Tillwari and Sahora. This area is located at high altitude and remains snow capped for almost six months in a year; from October to April.
According to well informed sources, on September 18, during offloading kerosene oil shipment there occurred an accidental blast which engulfed the entire Battalion Headquarters and 18 soldiers died; however, the Indian military officers in a bid to avoid an investigation into the accidental fire on headquarters staged a drama and declared the headquarters under militants attack. Then officers brought four militants who were already in their custody and changed their dresses and then staged a fake encounter.
The sources said that Indians in a bid to create massive hype on the issue as well as to use it against Pakistan at the time of UNGA session wrongly portrayed Battalion Headquarters as Brigade Headquarters.
Strategically, Brigade Headquarters can’t be established so close to the LoC or enemy’s firing range. Usually maximum range of small weapons is up to three kilometres while maximum range of heavy weapons is up to eight kilometres.
The said headquarters falls within the range of small weapons and it must even be out of range of heavy weapons, but this headquarters is situated at the distance of two to three kilometres from LoC because LoC is zig-zag in this area. The source said that in the presence of electrified, motion sensors and thermal imaging sensors at the 12 metre high and eight metre wide fence, it is not possible for any human or living creature to pass through the LoC.
The fence is also provided with Anti-Personal Mine Field with 100 -200 yards depth in the Indian Occupied Kashmir side. Moreover the LoC is being guarded by soldiers’ posts with only 75 metres distance along with flash lights and search lights at night. Such an arrangement has made crossing the LoC almost impossible for any living creature.

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