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India again backtracks

BACKTRACKING from its commitments or talks with Pakistan on any issue is nothing new from the Indian side. Whilst Pakistan is making serious efforts and going an extra mile to open up the Kartarpur Corridor to facilitate the Sikh community to visit their most revered religious sites, India on the other side appears to be again resorting to politics and throwing spanner in the complete operationalization of the Corridor.
As Pakistan was getting ready to hold the second round of talks on Kartarpur Corridor on 2nd of April and also offered to provide visas to the Indian journalists, the Indian side very surprisingly announced to postpone the meeting. Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal in a tweet also regretted the decision saying last minute postponement without seeking views from Pakistan and especially after the productive technical meeting on March 19 is incomprehensible. In fact in the first round of talks also that happened on the 14th March both the sides had expressed the commitment to working towards complete operationalization of the Corridor which was seen as a positive development. Now what led the Indian side cancelling the talks is beyond any comprehension. Indian External Affairs Ministry in a statement expressed concerns and sought clarifications from Pakistan on reports that controversial elements have been appointed by it to a Committee to be associated with the Kartarpur Corridor. However, it did not elaborate on what controversial elements it was referring to. The fact of the matter is that resorting to such tactics, excuses and false allegations is a known affair on the part of those sitting in New Delhi and they have never shown the seriousness towards the positive gestures extended by Pakistan. The very Indian act also shows their lack of concerns and respect towards the sensitivities of their minorities including Sikhs. Whilst Pakistan will always be ready for talks, New Delhi needs to shun its negative approach and intransigence and sit with Pakistan to finalize the modalities vis-à-vis development of the corridor project at the earliest. The Sikh community also needs to raise voice for their rights and pressurize the Indian government not to backtrack from the commitments made with them.