Independence Day preparations underway in twin cities

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Islamabad—The preparations of 69th Independence Day have started in all nooks and corners of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to celebrate the special occasion with enthusiasm, fervor and zeal. Preparations of the national occasion of Independence Day (I-Day), being celebrated on August 14, gets momentum with the advent of August and special stalls are sets up at markets, bus stops, along roads and gates of parks and other recreational places etc.
The stalls present a good variety of national flags, flag buntings as well as colorful buntings, badges, posters of national heros and historic buildings, which are center of attraction for children, teenagers and youngsters.
Tea shirts, flag stickers, and tea caps are also available at affordable rates at stalls and garments shops. Sajid Khan, a vendor said ,”I-day gives an opportunity to earn a good business by selling the relevant accessories especially flags, bunting and badges and a large number of youngsters and children throng to the stalls carrying these items”.
“I set up my stall from last weekend of July to 14 each year introducing a variety of new stock relating to I-Day accessories to attract the youngsters”, he said.
Printers and makers of flags, banners and badges are fully engaged in their work to earn handsome business. They are also making arrangements to dispatch these items to other areas of the country to meet demand of people.
The most enthusiastic among all are the children who are busy in collecting stickers, badges and also beautifying their bicycles with special stickers inscribed with messages of Independence Day, while the youngsters show interest in flags for their cars and motorcycles
Salman, a young boy said, “I have bought stickers, bunting and flags to decorate my home on I-Day. I have also decorate my bicycle with small flags.” “All of my friends have decorated their homes with flags and bunting and we will see whose home will look best”, he said.

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