Increasing use of drugs by youth has become dangerous for society

City Reporter

National Council of Social Welfare organized a one day seminar titled “Raising Trend of Drug Addiction in Pakistan and Our Social Responsibilities”, Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, Chairman, National Council of Social Welfare presided.
Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, said in his presidential address that the increasing use of drugs in youth has become dangerous condition for society. Government of Pakistan is well aware of this issue and paying due attention to eradicate this problem. Voluntary social welfare agencies are also working to prevent drug addiction. It is because of Afghan war, Pakistan is confronting with terrorism and drug trafficking. Government of Pakistan is paying attention to this issue and has formulated many policies.
We shall have to save our educational institutions from this social evil. Anti-Narcotics force is working effectively to award punishments and for reduction of drug trafficking. Soon, Pakistan will become a drug free society. Our all institutions are responsible to prevent this menace.
Print and electronic media can play vital role to spread awareness among masses to prevent our youth from menace of drug addiction. Parents should have to care for their children so that our children should be saved from drug addiction. Other speakers and social activist said we have to prevent drug abuse to save our children; it is our social responsibility to curb this evil to make Pakistan a progressive and developed state free of drug addicts.

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