Increasing suicide trends

The recent incidences reported through various sources of media about suicide in women, teenagers and the youth are a matter of grave concern for us. Not very far off, in our local area two married women swallowed insecticides on account of domestic quarrelling and aggressive attitude of their husbands which compelled the two to end their life.
The growing economic problems, depression, anxiety, domestic violence and other physiological problems are the major causes of suicide in our society. Women and teenager are greatly tilting toward this heinous act. Women are often being torched mentally by their husbands or by her mother-in-law. The young very often recourse to suicide on account of non-availability of job; teenagers are mentally torched by parents for getting not outstanding position in the examination etc.
The second factor is the imitation of western way of life and style; the excessive greed and lust for material and wealth; the distance from religion. The world is becoming a global village on account of different sources of media which resulted in the mutual effect on one another. In this mutual effect we have adopted the materialistic and worldly attitude of the West. Materialism has now adopted a shape of deadly disease, which nearly a great number of people are suffering from. There is no remedy for this epidemic except resorting to religion Islam.
All these factors have pushed the society in a sort of blind tug of war for material, which have led toward their disturbance and restlessness. Now the modern man is not considering their relationship with their fellow human, but there is a sheer obsession of wealth and material.
Shamozai Mardan

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