Increasing industrial pollution

Through the columns of your prestigious newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of our industrialists in general and our government in particular about the menace of industrial pollution in Karachi. All kinds of industries are being established in this heavily crowded and congested city especially the chemical factories which emit tonnes of poisonous gases to pollute the air and they are throwing chemical wastage (liquid and solids) in the sewerage water which is drained to the Arabian Sea polluting the sea water. Thus the entire air and water of our city is under the grip of a permanent threat of becoming dangerous to human life and it also a major cause of heat stoke because these poisonous gases damage ozone layer. All factories should be installed away from the city in the far off suburbs so that their waste gases and toxic waste do not mingle with the fresh water and be added to sea water. The toxic liquid and solid wastes should be buried digging deep disposal pits for them. Unless such action is taken promptly there will be a great problem of health for Karachites in near future. As saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine “. Our government should take prompt and suitable action in this connection, sooner the better. It is high time for the concerned authorities to set right the matter and to relieve the citizens from this problem.

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