Increase Karachi’s seats as per actual population: Altaf Shakoor


KARACHI, Nov 07 (NNI): Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Tuesday demanded to increase the seats of Karachi in both national and provincial assembly as per the actual population of the mega city.

Talking to a delegation of Pasban office-bearers, he said to redress the wounds of Karachi it is necessary to give the city 40 seats in the National Assembly and 80 seats in the Sindh Assembly.

He said when the faulty census process was being held in the city, the MQM-P was sleeping soundly and now it is paying a lip-service to the Karachiites. He said this is nothing new but one of the old tactics of this party to befool people, adding now the masses are fully aware of such farces and they could no more be hoodwinked.

Altaf Shakoor said to give Karachi its due share in national financial resources it is necessary to give Karachi its due representation in assemblies. He asked why certain elements win every election in the city but every time they fail to serve the city. He said now the burning problems of the masses must be resolved as the people are fed up with hollow slogans. He said the rural and urban Waderas have made an unholy nexus to loot the rights of poor people of Sindh province.

Pasban leader said these vested interests have deliberately snatched the basic rights of education, health, clean water, jobs and security from the poor people. He said Karachi, which is the largest city of Pakistan, faces acute shortage of drinking water. It lacks basic civic infrastructure. Its public transport system is in shambles.

While Lahore is enjoying Orange train service, Karachi commuters have to travel on the rooftop of old and rickety minibuses. He said Karachi is becoming a modern day Mohenjo Daro due to loot and plunder of corrupt rulers. He said now the masses are politically aware and they would reject all these anti-people elements in the coming general elections.

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