In the name of terrorism

A few days before election, Peshawar was shaken by a suicide bomb at the ANP corner meeting which caused many innocents lives to be lost, including the life of ANP leader Haroon Bilour, the son of Shaheed ex-MPA Bashir Ahmad Bilour, who tragically also lost his life in a suicide bomb attack at an ANP meeting just before 2013 election.
There are many similarities between the two suicide attacks, such as timing before election, style of operation and being target specific. Similarly due to Pak Army’s current on-going operations against terrorists and excellent border management, terrorist attacks have declined across Pakistan. Therefore the question arises, why the TTP targeted Haroon Bilour specifically as he recently joined politics and was not involved in any anti-TTP talk or statements.
Any act of brutality or atrocity is terrorism, but not every terror act is carried out by terrorists. There could be some white collar criminals among us that camouflage their brutal atrocities in the name of terrorism. These criminals not only kill innocent Pakistani’s, their act also labels Pakistan as a terrorist infested nation. Therefore in the case of our courageous leader Haroon Bilour, the authorities should not ignore these questions, as the people need to know the truth and the culprits should be exposed and punished. Dirty politics is not a new phenomenon in Pakistan but lately in the name of terrorism, dirty murderous politics is being played causing loss of innocent lives.

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