In search of guardians

Heart-wrenching event of six minors’ abuse in Kasur in two days must strike to awake out of deep slumber of irresponsibility of the Law enforcement agencies most notably the Police Department. The way police department works in irresponsible way is not hidden from all but how long theirs apathy will continue and bring inhuman abuse of kids is an issue of serious concern. In this matter the Apex Court may take notice and summon the police in charge of the said District to explain its negligence/laxity and for proved laxity, Officer Incharge must be dealt with strictly as per law. Protection of the Family is the basic right of each citizen as enshrined in the Article 35 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as reads: “The state shall protect the marriage, the family, the mother and the child” which the state has failed so far.
Anti-social crimes against minor can only be treated by two ways: calling in question to concerned areas police where such crimes take place and treating lax families. Our lax society is in more dire need of awareness at large: child rearing awareness and constant vigilance with looking after of children. Leaving children moving anywhere unnoticed by Guardians is an actual flaw/blunder causes Minors to be victimized by the criminals. Yes children need entertainment but that must be met by Family’s’ Guardianship.

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