Imran’s victory and hope

Sir: Persistent struggle of Imran Khan since 1996 has been rewarded at last. We the Pakistanis congratulate him and his party on a scintillating and historic victory in the 2018 general election. Undeniably, this decisive win of a former Cricket Star has become the harbinger of change and ray of hope in the homeland.
On Thursday, the victory speech of Imran Khan has won the hearts of people all over the country. In his speech, he vowed to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment, uproot corruption, improve economy through good governance and strengthen institutions by ensuring accountability and transparency in the entire country. Furthermore, he assured that we will make Pakistan a welfare state and turn the dream of ‘Naya Pakistan’ into reality.
There is no denying the fact that Imran Khan has been making tall promises since long but the important thing is their implementation that could bring this beleaguered nation on the road to progress and prosperity. Most importantly, upcoming government will have to improve mutual relations and bilateral ties with neighbouring countries to ensure peace and maintain law and order situation in the region.
It is hoped that after coming to power, Imran Khan will work for country’s welfare and will come up with well-thought strategies for tackling the socio-economic problems of Pakistan primarily education, rampant corruption, chronic unemployment, abject poverty, extreme water scarcity, energy crisis, climate change and so on and so forth.
Dadu, Sindh.

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