Imran takes on Nawaz, Fazl


Tariq Saeed

Peshawar— PTI Chairman Imran Khan asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to satisfy the nation as to how his family made a fortune and invested billions in offshore companies instead of holding public rallies.
He predicted that fourth wicket of PML-N was likely to fall soon.
Addressing a big public rally, marred by mismanagement here at Monday evening the legendary cricketer- turned-politician observed that only honest leadership could lead Pakistan to the heights of success as the corrupt would always destroy society.
“Mian Sahib, justify how you transferred billions of rupees, that was tax money, abroad instead of addressing rallies all over the country to gain nation’s sympathy portraying himself innocent and Mazloom,” Imran said amid loud slogans from the charged crowed.
The PTI chief said he had been saying for 29 years that Mian Nawaz Sharif was a corrupt leader and now the time has proved it. “The Panama Leaks are the bolt from the blue for Nawaz Sharif and company as it is their accountability from the Allah and they cannot escape it now.” He maintained adding when David Cameron could satisfy parliament, the Iceland premier could step down and Spanish finance minister could resign over Panama leaks why not Prime Minister Sharif.
Imran referred to his meeting with Malaysian great leader Mahathir Mohammad some seven years back wherein he asked as to how he made his country a great nation, Mahathir said, “Your leader should be honest as there would be no corruption under an honest leader whereas if the leader is corrupt, the entire nation would turn corrupt.”
PTI Supremo said if the leader is honest and man of character, the nation would rise but if otherwise, the entire country would resort to corruption and the nation would destroy adding the corrupt leader would first destroy the national institutions.
He said Nawaz Sharif did the same by destroying major institutions like the judiciary, NAB, police and even the Election Commission saying he even tried to destroy the Army and attempted to bribe the former Army Chief Asif Nawaz Janjua by offering him a BMW car, but he refused.
He said Allah has bestowed Pakistan with everything and what is needed is an honest and sincere leader who could make Pakistan a great country in the comity of nations.
He charged the Election Commission of siding with Nawaz Sharif and company adding the government should be ready for the fall of its fourth wicket shortly saying 30,000 votes have been found fake in the constituency of Khawaja Asif. “The fourth wicket is falling soon,” he said.
Coming hard on the ruling alliance Imran said Nawaz is spending billions to buy loyalties of people like Fazl ur Rehman to protect his corruption. ‘Maulana Diesel’ is a known worshipper of wealth who remained part of every government.” Imran in response to Maulana Fazl ur Rehman’s allegation that Imran is an agent of Jews, said in the presence of Fazl the Jews don not need any other agent in Pakistan. I can bet, that if God forbid, God forbid, God forbid, a ews takes over as Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Maulana Fazl would also become part of his government and would issue a Fatwa declaring his rule legitimate.
He lamented that every Pakistani was indebt of Rs130,000 whereas the figure was Rs33,000 when Nawaz government took over and today a commoner has to pay heavy taxes on all items including mobile card and kerosene oil.
He said Naya Pakistan has already emerged in KP where there is an effective accountability system and the even the International watchdogs have termed KP as best governed and least corrupt province during the PTI rule whereas Punjab has been dubbed as the most corrupt province.
Imran said his government would bring more revolutionary changes in universities, health, education, and administration specially the bureaucracy.
Earlier mismanagement marred the PTI rally in Peshawar as participants tried to reach the stage resulting in stampede compelling the police to resort to aerial firing and even light baton charge to disperse the crowd. A stage dancer Annie Khan, who was improperly dressed, also got surrounded by the crowd attending the rally and was reportedly mistreated. However, the PTI leaders said that the model attired in immodest dress reached the venue of the rally prior to its beginning which is part of a conspiracy against the rally.
PTI deputy parliamentary leader Shaukat Yousafzai said it seemed as if the model’s visit was planned and she was sent to the rally upon someone’s orders.

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