Imran says comparing him with Nawaz Sharif is humiliating


ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
Chief Imran Khan on Friday has claimed that former Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif can destroy the country and nation
for his personal interests.

Talking to media at Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC), Imran said
that comparing him with Nawaz Sharif is humiliating as
it’s like he is being compared with ‘Sultana’ dacoit.

He also lashed out at PM Shahiq Khaqan Abbasi and said
that he and other ministers are supporting an accused, who
is facing trial in several corruption cases. Nawaz Sharif
is attacking Pakistan’s judiciary and army but PTI wants
to strengthen the departments, he added.

My sit-in was political as it was carried out to raise the
issue of rigging held in 2013 elections, he reiterated. He
also demanded the former premier to provide details of 29
properties worth Rs300 billion.

“At time of Yousuf Raza Gillani’s disqualification as
Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif was among people pressing the
PPP for conceding the court verdict,” Khan recalled while
implying Sharif should concede the court’s ruling.

Imran Khan said that the terrorism cases on politicians
would harm democratic institutions in the country. He
said the federal government was making all attempts to
silence his voice after viewing the PTI protests as

Deploring the terrorism cases on political activists, he
said as many as 60 documents were submitted to the court
in State Television (PTV) attack case filed against him
and other PTI workers.

“If a single document found misleading or incorrect, I
would quit politics,” he underlined.

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