Imran: Real leader always takes U-turn according to situation


Says will not appoint Shahbaz as PAC chairperson

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday responded to much repeated ‘U-Turn’ allegations hurled his way saying a leader who does not take ‘U-Turns’ is not a ‘real leader.’
Talking to journalists at the Prime Minister House on Friday, the premier stated: “[Adolf] Hitler and Napoleon [Bonaparte] suffered huge defeats and caused losses as they did not take U-turns.”
He went on to claim: “A leader who does not take U-turns as per the requirements of the situation is not a real leader.”
Moreover, PM Khan said that solid outcomes of his recent trip to China are now getting visible while adding: “No other previous premiers’ tours to China were as successful as mine was.”
He also touched the matter of the money laundering cases and the possession of foreign assets by Pakistanis presently under investigation, saying: “We have traced $15 billion that was sent to Dubai from Pakistan.”
The premier citing an example from his cricket days when he led Pakistan’s national team said, “We used to make a strategy and then step out into the field but if the opponent team formed a strategy against ours then we would have to change it.”
“A leader who does not know how to take U-turns is not successful,” the prime minister added. PM Imran further said, “What Nawaz Sharif did in court was not a U-turn but a lie.”
The premier vowed, “We will uphold the decisions taken by the Supreme Court.” PM Imran also stressed, “There is a need for amendment in accountability laws.”
Speaking about his recent trip to China, the prime minister said, “Concrete results of my visit are beginning to show. We are receiving all forms of aid from China and are satisfied.”
Further, the premier was quoted as saying, “The next three to six months are difficult but from next year onward our economic situation is going to improve significantly and we will be on the right track.”
“Work is under way to bring back looted wealth,” he added. “We have also signed agreements with Britain and Switzerland,” the premier continued.
While speaking about the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s decision to not give chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee to Shahbaz Sharif, the premier said, “Those facing corruption cases cannot be appointed PAC chairperson.”
“We will not appoint Shahbaz Sharif as PAC chairperson under any circumstances,” he upheld.

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