Imran raises ante

PTI leader Imran Khan, who persisted with his plans to hold a rally near Raiwind residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, despite serious threats to the country from eastern border, did not stop at that and has warned of shutting down Islamabad if, what he said, Mian Nawaz Sharif did not present himself for accountability. Sticking to his reputation of carrying out attack on institutions, he also used derogatory language for NAB and FBR besides the person of the Prime Minister.
Khan and his aides might have their own thinking but as per general perception they are pursuing suicidal policies and unfortunately do not seem to have learnt any lesson from past mistakes. PTI is a political party with representation in the national Parliament and government in KPK, which means it is one of the major stakeholders in the present democratic set up. Therefore, one fails to understand how and why it insists on adopting undemocratic means to dislodge its political opponents. How on earth, he can hurl a naked threat not to allow the incumbent elected Prime Minister to rule and that too through negative and undemocratic means? PTI leader spent months at D-Chowk and used all tactics at its disposal to cause downfall of the Government including physical attack on Parliament, PM House, Pak Secretariat and PTV Headquarters but at the end of the day had to call off the show without getting anything. This was because people do want elimination of corruption and reformation of the system but not the way Khan is trying to do. Shutting Capital is not difficult as on numerous occasions a handful of people blocked Islamabad Highway for hours but citizens are weary of tactics that lead to disruption of their normal life and obstruction of developmental activities and reject them totally when they get first opportunity. Successive defeats in recent by-elections should have opened eyes of PTI leadership but it is not willing to mend its ways. This is despite the fact that the party stood isolated on the issue of marching on Raiwind as all other parties demonstrated maturity and preferred to uphold decent traditions. Self-correction is overdue.

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