Imran promises to work in interest of poors

Sher Gondal

Mandi Bahauddin

Imran Khan, chairman PTI, visited Mandi Bahauddin on invitation of ex MNA PPP Nadeem Afzal Chun on Wednesday. Addressing a PTI rally held to welcome Nadeem Chun in PTI, Imran Khan said since creation of Pakistan the state had been making rich-friendly policies, completely ignoring poor segments of the society.
He said if given chance in the coming elections, he would work in the interest of the poor and farmers to improve their lot. He said remaining silent in front of oppressors was a sin. He said farmers were not getting due price for their agriculture produce including sugar cane. He said after coming to power he would put in maximum efforts to get better rates for them.
Speaking about deplorable situation of education in the country, he said 25 million children are out of school.

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