Imran: Pak saving grace

If Imran Khan is committed to changing the system and has devoted 22 years fighting for the right cause, criticism will hit the roof even so. Despite many unsubstantiated and malicious claims following the election outcome, a majority of Pakistanis voted in favour of PTI and the fact itself is evident of true democracy. Since Nawaz took charge of the government in 2013, neither the West nor India sensationalized his failed governance. However, they were quick to blemish Imran’s character the moment he was crowned the future Prime Minister of our country.
It is complete hypocrisy on the Western media’s front as many reputed channels including CNN claim to report the truth yet their judgement is biased. It is absurd to even compare Donald Trump with Imran Khan. Pakistan did not elect a misogynist. Mr Trump, on the other hand, ran a polarizing campaign and what he continues to defend is not in line with the United States Constitution. The credit is due to Imran Khan for his long-term struggle and constructive plan to improve Pakistan; human development, efficient and effective policing, environment protection, health, education, national security and the significant anti-corruption stance that helped defeat PML-N this year are among many factors that PTI rallied on. Perhaps foreign media outlets need to focus largely on fixing their state of affairs instead of throwing a reputable man under the bus.
Christine Fair, a dim-witted political scientist has obsessively badgered Pakistan in the past and she continues to fabricate lies about Imran Khan and our democracy. Although Imran has made several controversial decisions but every leader is prone to human error.
When you are representing millions of voiceless Pakistanis, the pressure can get to you and as civilians, we should give our PM the benefit of doubt. Certainly, there is no room for carelessness and irresponsibility. As an instrumental leader, Imran has evolved with time. He is our redeeming political figure and for once, Pakistanis have voted for a visionary.
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