Imran on int’l relations

This refers to the news report ‘Pakistan to take two steps more if India takes one step: Imran’ (July 26). In his victory speech, Imran Khan talked about various issues and problems confronting Pakistan. And on the subject of foreign relations he stressed that he wants improved relations with all neighbouring countries, including India. “If India takes one step towards us, we will take two steps towards them. Right now, it is one sided where India is constantly just blaming us,” said Imran.
What Imran should realize is that India is not just blaming us but is also heating up the eastern border. Moreover, using its presence and influence in Afghanistan, it is also creating serious problems in Balochistan, KP and elsewhere in Pakistan in connivance with other enemies of Pakistan. However, responsibility for soured relations does not lie solely with India because, after all, Kargil and similar operations were not of India’s making.
Also, with Narendra Modi around, the extended hand of friendship may not even be clasped warmly because the likes of him may be interested more in crippling Pakistan altogether so as to form a solid front all the way up to Afghanistan against China which both India and its ally, the United States consider their biggest enemy. However, it makes sense to adopt a friendly posture which, with change of heart/leadership, and realizing that India can’t disable Pakistan, may force it to change its stance.
Also, we and Kashmiris should realise that we can’t snatch Kashmir from India while international community is unlikely to press India on the issue. And Kashmiris valiant struggle only brings on them increased Indian repression. So, we have to adopt a realistic, impassioned approach on Kashmir which reasonably safeguards the interests of India and Pakistan while bringing significant relief to Kashmiris.

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