Imran should leave dreaming for PM slot: Ameer Muqam


NOWSHERA : The leader of PML-N and adviser to PM Ameer Muqam claimed on Monday that Imran unlucky to become prime minister, therefore he should leave dreaming for prime minister slot.

Addressing public gathering in Nowshera, ruling party leader Imran should feel ashamed while cursing on the Parliament while being received salaries from the same parliament.

“Imran demanded resignation of CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif over Kasur tragedy while in his own province a woman was viciously humiliated, however he, Imran, and his CM Pervez Khattak even did not go to her family for expressing solidarity,” he alleged. Calling PTI Chairman Imran he said that KP CM Khattak has been sleeping till 2:00 o’clock noon, however after awakening he did bother to go people for hearing heir adversities. He alleged that Imran has different manifesto for KP as his manifesto has changed after crossing the Attock bridge, in Punjab.

“Imran had done Ph.D in U-turns and he never sees except his personal life,” he blamed adding that he tried to conquer Lahore along with Qadri and Zardari, however people of Lahore rejected them and their nefarious designs.

He claimed the people of KP were looking towards Nawaz Sharif and calling him to resolve their issues.

He announced Nawaz Sharif will address the people of KP on February 14.

Orignally published by INP

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