Imran laments existence of two parallel Pakistans

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PTI chairman Imran Khan has lamented what he called the existence of two parallel Pakistans – one for the ordinary citizens and the other for the powerful. ‘Statement by NAB prosecutor today that there is now ample evidence to show that Avenfield apartments belonged to Nawaz Sharif since 1993, shows how the law works differently for the ordinary citizen and for the powerful. This is our tragedy – existence of 2 parallel Pakistans,’ Imran Khan said in a statement on Twitter.
‘PML-N ministers and many media people knew about these flats since three years when Panama leaks surfaced. After all, political meetings and interviews were held there but they just watched as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lied about money laundering, committed fraud & forgery, made his children lie,’ he continued.
Khan said that the public money spend on the court’s hearings reflects collapse of morality and weak infrastructures. ‘Public money spent on Supreme Court hearings, JIT, NAB court and conviction are still pending. This reflects collapse of morality and weak infrastructures. Where in a Western democracy would one see a PM indulging in lies, money laundering and fraud and then shamelessly claiming victimhood when exposed?’ added Khan.
Meanwhile it is reported from Faisalabad that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) local leaders have demanded the party leadership conduct an inquiry into distribution of party tickets. Addressing a joint press conference here Sunday, Mumtaz Ahmad Kahlon, former ticket-holder of PTI, former federal minister Mian Zahid Sarfraz.

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