Imran Khan’s mission statement

IN a comprehensive and targeted statement, widely being described as victory speech on Thursday, Chairman PTI Imran Khan sent a clear message of reconciliation and rapprochement to all concerned at home and abroad. He touched upon some of the crucial domestic and foreign policy issues and held out an assurance to address them as per dictates of national interests and aspirations of the people of Pakistan. The speech, delivered after election results became almost clear giving comfortable seats to PTI to form governments at the Centre, in KP and in Punjab as well and the party has already initiated a process of internal deliberations to formulate a strategy for government formation.
Apart from what Imran Khan said in his mission statement, the choices for Cabinet and government formation in the Centre and the provinces would give a hint whether or not the PTI leader intends to give practical shape to the words he uttered in the victory speech. Khan’s speech evoked good response not just from his supporters and sympathisers but also from others including some of the opposition leaders as his selection of words, topics and assurances was really appreciable. There is bitter environment in the country in the backdrop of allegations of rigging and therefore, reconciliatory tone of the would-be Prime Minister has been welcomed by saner elements. His posture, mood and remarks were quite contrary to his overall image of an aggressive leader and that conveyed an impression that he knows the difference between the role of an opposition leader and the chief executive of the country, who has to take along all forces and stakeholders if he was genuinely interested in making a new beginning and concentrate on plans and programmes for welfare of the people.
Irrespective of how much sincere a leader is and how visionary agenda he has for the country, he cannot deliver until and unless there is peace and political stability. Therefore, for success of his vision, Imran will have to be cautious about some of the people around him who had been apparently rendering him provocative advice. Again there are some people who do not enjoy good reputation and they could cast aspersions on his personality as well if allowed to played central role in affairs of the State. Imran Khan has promised good governance, which is a dream for people who are facing numerous difficulties and odds day in and day out in different spheres of life. There is no prosperity without infrastructure development and education but it is also a fact that peace of mind and security are equally important for citizens of the country who are weary of rampant corruption in different institutions especially in the public dealing like WAPDA, discos, gas companies, police, revenue, excise and taxation, civic agencies and judiciary. He would be remembered in the annals of the history if he succeeds in his mission to cleanse the society.
Then the country cannot stabilise and develop on proper lines without institution building and hopefully he would assign right job to the right person so that institutions are strengthened and they are able to deliver as per their original mandate and expectations of the people. Economy needs immediate attention and hopefully after formation of the government economic issues would get priority in view of expanding economic and financial challenges. Imran Khan also made a goodwill gesture by offering to cooperate fully in investigations aimed at determining veracity of allegations of rigging in the election. Instead of creating fissures, it would be appropriate if all those who consider themselves to be aggrieved should take advantage of the offer and concentrate on providing evidence of rigging and how the loopholes can be plugged in future. His assurance that though he faced many personal attacks on him in the past and yet would not pursue policy of political vengeance is also welcomed and must be pursued in letter and in spirit even if there are provocations.
On foreign policy front as well, Imran Khan beamed out right messages to all countries especially the neighbouring ones. He said Pakistan was ready to take two steps if India takes one aimed at improving relations but also added that the longstanding issue of Jammu and Kashmir will have to be resolved. He also emphasised the need for peaceful resolution of the Afghan conflict, vowed to play the role of a mediator in the Middle-East and expressed his resolve to deepen ties with Pakistan’s time-ested friends like Saudi Arabia and China. The speech has evoked deep interest among all concerned and it is now for Imran Khan to prove his mettle by implementing his good intentions. Victory in all the provinces has highlighted national character of PTI and the party has to prove that it is worthy of the confidence reposed by the masses.

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