Imran Khan will end up in jail, predicts Nawaz Sharif


HARIPUR : Nawaz Sharif on Saturday slammed Imran Khan, stating that the PTI Chairman who tells others to go to jail will himself be imprisoned one day.

Addressing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) in Haripur on Saturday, Sharif targeted Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and said that he always played politics of abuses. “We don’t need such politicians who have corrupted national ethics,” he said.

Calling the gathering of a sizable crowd a ‘referendum’, Sharif said the turnout of people at the venue is an evident proof of his party’s growing popularity in aftermath of the Panamagate saga.

The PML-N president complained that Imran Khan and his party curse the same parliament for which they fight to come in power. He predicted that since Imran Khan abused everyone for the last four years, he will himself be jailed for such conduct.

The PML-N chief said that he will continue to serve the people. He said that he was fully serving the masses but he was disqualified on the basis of an Iqaama.

Nawaz Sharif said that despite the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the federal government led by PML-N is building motorways in the province. He said his party will also undertake development projects in the KP, as what he said, the province doesn’t belong to PTI only. “This is not your [Imran Khan] province only. This is our province too,” he said.

On Mall Road protest staged by the opposition parties, he said the people of Lahore showed Imran Khan a mirror. He declared that the public procession was a referendum. He lashed out at the political rivals who united against PML-N despite differences.

“People have rejected the politics of agitation,” he thundered while referring to Lahore grand protest. He said the opposition parties were completely failed in their recent show three days ago.

He said, “They (PTI) was the one was claiming that they will set up factories and provide electricity to other provinces. They couldn’t construct a single factory nor generate electricity. All the power houses were constructed by PML-N.”

“I am not Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri who will get scared of an electricity wire,” Sharif said.

He further stated, “Did you see their show three days ago? Those abusing each other was standing together. Where did their politics go? Their agenda was to oppose Nawaz Sharif. These are their principle and program”.

The PML-N chief said that the nation has rejected their politics. He said that Khan ridiculed the Parliament. “I had told you before that that he maligns the same Parliament from where he is earning his income from. This man has been abusing everyone for the past four years.”

“I salute to those judges who declared this man [Imran Khan] Sadiq and Ameen [honest and truthful] despite he admitted to own an offshore company,” Sharif said.

Sharif further said that Imran has been saying that he will send people to jail. “You will go to jail if it is the Almighty Allah’s wishes,” he added.

Orignally published by NNI

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