Imran Khan to Sufi Imran Khan

Naveed Aman Khan

After graduating from Oxford Imran Khan is completing higher degree of spiritual education from a lady formerly named Bushra Manika now Bushra Riaz and future Bushra Imran from Pakpatan University of Higher Spiritualism and Mysticism. He acknowledges that her mentor is an authority on Roomi and Ibn Al Arabi. After understanding the delicacies and complexities of national and international politics Imran decided to have higher level of knowledge of spiritualism and mysticism. We need a leader with political vision to counter anti-Pakistan moves but he has started becoming saint. He will tackle national and international political matters spiritually not politically or diplomatically. He seems dieing for premiership while on the other hand he poses himself an upcoming saint. A saint never has lustful will of becoming a ruler. Saint is a preamble of patience and politeness. Courtesy and control on words is saint’s first virtue.
For what Imran decided to become pupil of this lady has come out of the jackpot. He had been playing Cricket in England and he got married to Jemima. He gave an interview to a charming anchor Reham he married her. Now he has come up with spiritualism he married his friend’s wife Bushra to learn day and night more about spiritualism as his quest for knowing beyond mysteries started yelling him. Imran’s sisters admit that he has never been an outstanding student. Never seen taking interest in studies. Ask him which of the last book has he gone through he would have no answer. He now has decided to learn about mysticism and spiritualism at 67. Before now he even didn’t now about spiritualism , mysticism , Ibn Al Arabi and Roomi. Allama Iqbal grades Roomi and Ibn Al Arabi his mentors. Allama Iqbal was a born philosopher. Understanding thoughts and poetry of Allama Iqbal is not a joke what to talk about Roomi and Ibn Al Arabi. I have not met a person who could claim reading and understanding scholarly books “Fusus ul Hikm” , “Fatoohaat Almakkiya”, “Shajarat al kawn”, “ Tarjuman al Ashwaq”, “Mishkat al Anwar” of Ibn Al Arabi and a lot more all about oneness, mysticism , spiritualism and negation of egoism. Is he able to read twenty six thousand verses of “Masnavi e Molana Room” in Persian? How vast is his study of Persian and Arabic to understand Ibn Al Arabi’s and Roomi’s thoughts and philosophy. Masnavi is a kind of verse in which the couplets rhyme regularly. A poem in which the second line of each distich rhymes with the same letter. Every verse is different from the other. Not even single verse got repeated . Metaphors and similies used in these verses are all different from the previous one. Ask Imran to name books of Ibn Al Arabi, Roomi and Allama he would start either abusing or gazing . Metaphoric, allusive and hyperbolical ground of mysticism requires level of not less than Allama to understand the saint and philosopher of the ages.
In his temperament Imran is found currish not listener. He hardly keeps curb on his temper. Mysticism and spiritualism requires cool mind but he has got tumultuous skull. He is naming his voluptuous feelings spiritual. Overshadowed by carnality and inordinate appetite, he can’t think of spiritualism. He is not knowledge thirsty, what to talk of mystic and spiritualism. This is not just voodoo to turn a ravenous Imran Sufi the other day. World knows him a man of concupiscence. Licentious Imran is voracious.
For understanding it hard he has flown to Dubai. So did his mentor, an authority on spiritualism and mysticism. To him will she be more mystic than yet another lovely wife ? Will he be giving her name of professor not pretty darling, isn’t it?
Ibn Al Arabi is believed to be the highest level of mystic. Understanding his philosophy and mysticism is not beating about the bush. Only Roomi and Allama level of intellectuals could understand and depict philosophy and mysticism of Ibn Al Arabi. When Imran says that he is getting spiritual and mystic knowledge about Ibn Al Arabi and Roomi from the lady he means both he and his mentor are high level of intellectuals and after Roomi and Allama he is next to understand Ibn Al Arabi and mysticism. Isn’t it?
Cricketer- turned-politician and now Sufi. That’s all. We were seeking for better replacement of leadership but suddenly from politician he turned Sufi. Now the nation is confused what to do. When needed he comes up as cricketer and when not he starts posing a politician. Sooner he will be delivering mystic lectures as recently he is added with Sufism. After completing his spiritual education and turning Sufi he moved to Lahore for his test political show the other day before leaving for a two-day spiritual tour of Dubai . With spiritual guidance and blessings of his mentor he should have come up with groomed , polished and reformed successful statesman. Chakwal bye elections defeat and Lahore show after turning Sufi are the blessings of feminine spiritualism.
Now masses were expecting him a decent turned politician having high levels of morality. Was his last Lahore show far bigger gathering than the previous one? Did spiritualism and fortune work? After 2018 general election, the world will come to know the power of spiritualism and changed fortune of Imran, country and the nation. After enough spiritualism, in Lahore he lost his senses and bashed on Parliament cursing it .The same Parliament bestowed him and his party members with honour. From the same Parliament he and his party members drew over 110 millions of rupees salaries, perks and privileges during last four and half years. In 2014 his companions and supporters attacked Parliament and now in 2018 he has cursed it. Have expectations of Pakistanis come true or ended in smoke? If it was not abusing, bashing and cursing the Parliament it would have been reflection of his mentor’s knowledge ,education, guidance, grooming and spiritualism then. To him cursing the Parliament was in fact mysticism. Could learning spiritualism and mysticism bring any significant change in Imran’s attitude. Pakistanis need politician Imran as their leader or mystic Sufi ahead ?
Imran was sure of sweeping in 2013 but he could get only 34 seats in the National Assembly while 61 in the KP. Just 34 seats was a serious blow to him. He was sure of becoming premier but PML-N formed federal and Punjab governments quite comfortably. During last four and half years Nawaz Sharif attended sessions of Parliament for six times while Sufi Imran Khan bothered to reach there twice.
He says that no one can control, influence and impress him . He did not tell which curiosity led him towards Bushra branded spiritual guidance and Jahangir Tareen branded politics. What has he learnt from Bushra and Tareen so far. After completion of his spiritual education from the lady and the political grooming by Tareen he went hypnotised bashing the Parliament showering curses.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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