Imran Khan & Riasat-e-Madina



Naveed Aman Khan

PREMIER Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan is facing a case of hiding her precious luxurious apartment in United Arab Emirates from the Taxation Department of Pakistan. But now it is revealed that she also owns a four-storey building of three apartments in the State of New Jersey of America. Till the financial year ending June 30, 2017 her tax returns reflect that these apartments were not declared to the tax authorities in Pakistan. Because of a dispute between the partners during the year 2018 she tried to sale out this property but could not. Later on she declared it in the tax year ending by June 30, 2018. For not declaring the sold out properties in the UAE she is now facing a case in Supreme Court of Pakistan. The documents of offshore company of Imran Khan ‘Niazi Services Limited’ which own a London flat also, show Aleema Khan as only Director of the company. Aleema Khan’s recently found hidden property is around 400 metres away from the bank of River Hudson, four kilometres from Manhattan and three kilometres from the financial capital of the world, The Wall Street. Located at 154, 6th Street, Hoboken City, New Jersey NJ – 07030, USA shows that Aleema Khan purchased this property along with her the then partner on August 5, 2004 from Prebola, Etals, Keith & Susan at the cost of US $ 7,58,000. The partnership deed of this property reflects that Aleema Khan owns 75% share of the property while her partner owns 25%. Now only this property is worth US $ 3 million, almost equivalent to 45 crore rupees. This property was purchased in 2004 through mortgage and later on further loans were obtained from the bank by remortgaging the same property by Aleema Khan and her elder son Shahrez Khan. Shahrez used power of attorney of exbusiness partner of her mother for this remortgage.
Aleema Khan procured these highly valuable luxurious properties in different countries. She never declared them in her tax returns in Pakistan at the time of purchase and used to pay marginal taxes. She paid only Rs107,960 in tax year ending June 30, 2011, Rs188,000 tax in year 2012, Rs140,000 in 2013, Rs158,900 in 2014, Rs186,620 in 2015, Rs130,794 in 2016 and so on. Premier Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan has been very actively involved in the donation campaigns for the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Namal from the USA and other parts of the world. For collection of donations both the brother and the sister have been travelling extensively worldwide during last two decades. The funds raised for Shaukat Khanam Memorial Trust (SKMT) have consistently been stolen by Imran Niazi’s family over time. Veteran politician Akbar Sher Babar is witness to this emblazed money of donations collected in the name of Shaukat Khanam Hospital. Akbar Babar reveals that when repeatedly brought this matter of embazzalment of money of donations to the notice of Imran Khan, he took it very lightly and didn’t take any step against these complaints. After these complaints Imran rather started parting ways with deadly honest Akbar Sher Babar and decided to get rid of him because Babar’s honesty didn’t suit IK. Akbar Sher Babar is very visionary politician about whose honesty Imran Khan in an interview in India, admitted that he (Babar) is ‘brutally honest’ man. Aleema Khan, after Panama Papers revelations in April 2016 started trying to sell her properties abroad apparently to claim here in Pakistan that she did not have any property in her name at time of questioning.
Aleema had a business dispute, continuing since 2010, with her business partner at the time of Panama Papers revelations. As the business partner refused to sell the property, Aleema Khan failed to dispose of this New Jersey property recently exposed. Aleema Khan’s elder son Shahrez Khan who recently came back to Pakistan after spending several years in America refuses to acknowledge the current ownership of the property in Hoboken, New Jersey. When some one asks Shahrez Khan about the details of New Jersey property owned by her mother as his name and contact number are also given as the “contact person” in the US’s official property documents in the records of ‘Hudson County’ of State of New Jersey, he says that his name might have been given by her mother in the past for the documentation of the property. Shahrez has been living in America for quite some time and just came back to Pakistan last year.
On this matter Iftikhar Durrani, Special Assistant to Prime Minister, says that the Prime Minister is not responsible for the private affairs of his siblings as they are responsible for their own acts. Name of Aleema Khan was also given as registered Director of ‘Niazi Services Limited’ an offshore company which owned London flat of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran’s name never figured in documents of ‘Niazi Services Limited’ but as he was secret beneficial owner and this offshore company owned his London flat which was declared by him under Tax Amnesty Scheme of General Musharraf in 2001 and then in his annual returns, but official documents of offshore company only contained name of Aleema Khan. Imran Khan has been chanting slogan of honesty but these properties and embezzlement in donations of Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital tell an entire different story. He repeatedly says about the establishment of Madina Model in Pakistan but his life style, behaviour and approach are contradictory to that of his words about Madina Model. In Riasat e Madina the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Companions never practiced double standards. The Holy Prophet and his companions disliked these double standards and hypocrisies of life. Justice for all remained first strong principle of Riasat e Madina. About justice sayings and practice of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are known to every one. For his political opponents Imran Khan has always been against Corruption and embazzalment but for himself and his close associates he acts otherwise. Even his vast 300 kanal personal residence of Bani Gala is contradictory to that of his words of Riasat e Madina. In Madina Model telling lies and accusing political opponents had never been seen. In Riasat e Madina life, property and honor had been safe and no one had the courage of putting hand to them. But being the champion of Riasat e Madina his words and practices are contradictory. Law, Constitution and justice is same for all. No one has amnesty in Riasat e Madina. We need to remember the exemplary lives of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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