Imran Khan on climax or decline?



Naveed Aman Khan

PAKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), like Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), commenced its struggle against landlords, warlords, land mafias, corrupt politicians and capitalists. Imran Khan started his political journey against Conservative and Orthodox political system of Pakistan which has always been supporting malafide political stalwarts of mainly Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and Pakistan People’s Party. He came out to reform political system of Pakistan and overall the entire nation and society. Nevertheless, with every next day he himself seemed accepting the same complex political system and same class he has been rejecting and fighting. Pakistan People’s Party 2008-2013 pathetic and corrupt government led by Asif Ali Zardari gave way to PTI to replace it and fill political vacuum. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf October 2011 Lahore political power show was the peak of its popularity. With that political atmosphere and momentum PTI participated in 2013 general election with the boasting hopes of sweeping the election throughout the country but the results were just 35 members in National Assembly. Pakistan Muslim League (N) came out with majority and formed federal and Punjab governments while PTI could only get the KP. Now PML-N is participating in 2018 election with several completed projects in Punjab the deciding province while PTI has nothing to present as its landmark achievements just before 2018 general election except allegations.
Imran Khan started his political voyage with the slogan of reform, transform and change. Initially Imran Khan as PTI leader raised his voice for these high objectives but later on he started saying (“Mian Jee Jaan Dyo Saadi Wari Vee Aan Dyo”). It reflected clearly that Imran Khan now has accepted the same filthy political system which provides alternative terms to PML-N and PPP. That was why Imran Khan started uttering repeatedly his this desire of term of power. Gradually, Imran Khan transformed himself from revolutionary to power lust party leader. The other day BBC anchor Zain knocked out Imran Khan by asking about his landmarks in the KP forming any new University, hospital or job opportunities during 2013-18 PTI rule.
The video of this interview has gone viral on social media badly exposing Imran Khan’s performance in the province during last five years. Imran Khan has been raising hue and cry against corruption at the federal level and continued demanding action by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against PML-N leadership while the Accountability Bureau in the KP was made non-functional by Imran Khan himself. This fact was admitted by Jahangir Tareen in a recent TV interview who said, “This was our mistake”. Record-breaking corruption was seen in the KP government. Provincial Minister Ziaullah Afridi was removed from KP ministership not on mere corruption basis. It was issue of share of corruption among KP’s then Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak, Jahangir Tareen and the Minister concerned. Share of corruption reached the entire chain upward.
For general election 2018, Imran Khan initially issued 173 party tickets. Out of these 173 tickets, only 25 were given to PTI members while rest of the ticket holders are same old aging PML-N, PPP, MMA and PML-Q corrupt politicians who have joined PTI with the swinging move of “Khalai Makhlooq”. This list of candidates is death warrants of Imran Khan’s ideal basic political vision and struggle. Imran Khan like Z.A.Bhutto showed ideal dreams to Pakistanis especially the upcoming ever eager and zealous youth in the name of reformation. Imran had been focusing on transformation of our smelly political system and society. He wanted to do some thing significant for his country and nation but somehow he started deviating from his political idealism and started his struggle for powers of premiership only.
His second struggle has always been against family and inherited politics. He wanted to burry this inherited politics but now he has accepted the same inheritance in politics by bestowing tickets to Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Makhdoom Ahmad Mehmood, Liaqat Jatoi, Chaudhry Sarwar, Tahir Bashir Cheema, Anwar Ali Cheema(late) and Nazir Jut like families of such professional politicians who have been floating this time on PTI platform. Thirdly, Imran Khan has long been struggling against corruption but in KP corruption broke all previous records during PTI government. He also welcomed and embraced all worst corrupt politicians from the core of his heart from different political parties. This even remained his worst move because on one hand Imran Khan has been fighting his level best against corruption and on the other hand all vagabonds, landlords, land mafias, drug mafias, capitalists and proven looters are given tickets of PTI. Imran Khan has one more serious blame of foreign and illegal funding by Jewish lobbies.
Imran Khan yet has not clarified and rejected this serious allegation on him. Majority of these politicians is in fact negation of basic philosophy of PTI for which it had been established way back in 1997 by visionary Akbar S Babar, Hafeezullah Khan Niazi, Inamullah Khan Niazi , Saifullah Khan Niazi and other like minded close associates. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) at the time of its establishment was an idea of these golden brains but now none of them is seen in PTI which Imran Khan now owns. Like 2013 general election Imran Khan is appearing in 2018 election once again with high hope of becoming Prime Minister (not liberator) of Pakistan but with same system and repeatedly proven corrupt companions. Will it be his climax or decline?
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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