Imran hatching conspiracy against well-being of people: Shahbaz

Salim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Niazi Sahib has made a deep conspiracy against prosperity and well-being of the people through sit-ins and lockdown; however, the people have failed this plot with the power of their unity as the conscious people have become fed up with the negative approach and anarchic politics of the politician who is an expert of lies.
In a statement issued here Monday, Shahbaz said that Pakistan made unprecedented development during the tenure of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and this changing of destiny of the country through Pakistan Muslim League-N has made the politicians unnerved. The elements obstructing the development process of the country are not loyal to the nation and conspiracy of Niazi Sahib and his cabal to obstruct the national development will never succeed. The poor people of Pakistan will never forget the leadership of Tehrik-e-Insaaf for obstructing the development process, he added.
According to Shahbaz, the party of this politician, leveling baseless allegations, has been defeated in every election as the politician, setting world-record of speaking lies, just cannot deceive the nation. The elements claiming of making a new Pakistan are even defiling the old one. Politics is the name of public service rendered with honesty and sincerity.
He said the politicians, which are devoid of public-service are trying to rekindle their politics through allegations and deceitfulness but the faces of these so-called politicians who are trying to impede the development process in the country have been fully exposed and conscious people are fully aware of the conspiracies hatched against national economy and development process.
Shahbaz said that selfless service of the people is the mission of PML-N and added that public-service projects have helped to raise the quality of life of the people. During the last four years, public-welfare projects have been completed with transparency and speed despite obstructions, he added.
He said that our life and death is with the people and PML-N will also succeed in the next elections because of its immaculate performance. The politicians having negative approach, lack the spirit of public-service. The sit-in party repeatedly tried to ruin the destiny of poor people and the head of sit-in party will be remembered as mastermind of deceit, allegations and negative politics. These elements have put the national interest at stake just for the sake of coming into power and have badly damaged the national economy, he added.
He said that the elements that have got their loans worth billions of rupees waved-off on political grounds have snatched the right of the poor and added that time is ripe for the accountability of persons who have plundered the hard earned money of the people. The claimants of piety have got their loans worth crore of rupees written-off and these elements are standing beside Niazi Sahib.

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