Impossible for any lawyer to represent me on such short notice: Nawaz


LAHORE : Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif informed reporters on Monday of his legal counsel Khawaja Haris’ decision to recuse himself of representing the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) founder in the NAB references.

During a news conference, Nawaz said a situation was being created where he is now being denied legal counsel as well. The former prime minister told journalists, that no other defendant in an serious case has appeared 100 times before the court.

Addressing a press conference, the former premier asked, “Is it more important to complete the legal formalities or to announce the verdict before the elections?”

Sharif said that it was impossible for any lawyer to review thousands of pages of case files to satisfy the conditions in order to represent him properly.

“It is impossible for a lawyer to take on a case at this stage and begin arguments the next day. Such an environment is being created that I am deprived of a legal counsel as well,” the former premier told journalists, likening the present situation to a mockery of justice.

He told journalists in Lahore that no other defendant in any serious case had appeared 100 times before the court.

Concluding his press conference Nawaz Sharif told journalists, “If a verdict before July 25 elections is a ‘need’ or a ‘compulsion’ then do it,” adding that it would be akin to making a mockery of legal requirements, the law, human rights and judicial norms.

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