Importance of social media

Tahir Rafiq

Social media plays an important role in any country. Social media is a source which provides us news from all over the world. Social media involves each and everything and everyone which are part of our society or in any field thereof.
There are many types of social media; some are feeble and others are strong. Every media emphasizes on huge problems of the world. That is something good; if the social media operates with due responsibility, it can bring lot of change in the society. However, social media a splendid source to know about each and everything happening in the globe.
Due to social media, today the people in the world know about latest issues which happening in any corner in the world, and can share this information among them. Most importantly social media is making us aware about everybody and also about the hidden secrets of our leaders in the Parliament whom we elect and trust to solve our problems. Social media can boost our mind to morale.
—Turbat, Balochistan

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