Importance of reading newspaper

Mohammad Farooq

One of the oldest and main sources of news dissemination is the newspaper. Though news may come from many other sources like books and magazines i.e. the print media, radio and TV channels i.e. the electronic media; Internet and social websites but no other source ever could eclipse the value of newspaper. Neither the advent of television nor of Internet could lessen importance of newspaper.
The principal reason for this is the width, breadth and depth of the news provided by the newspaper, its low cost and the level of authenticity. People of almost all the professions need newspaper. Engineers, doctors, officers, scientists, professors and other professionals need it to know the day to day developments in the current affairs and in their respective fields. Businessmen want newspaper to keep the pace of business with economic and commercial trends in the country. Thus, reading the newspaper everyday is a must for both students and adults for the growth of their vision irrespective of the class or field of their life. Reading newspaper everyday is highly educative and an important informal source of education.
— Karachi

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