Importance of CPEC

CPEC: China-Pakistan economic corridor is the very important and joint venture of Pakistan and China. This is known fact that paradigm of power has been shifting towards the East from the West. Now world will no longer remain unipolar, soon it would become bipolar, due to coming forth soft economic Sino-power. CPEC is the part of China’s new vision one belt one road, and this is its sothern corridor of Silk Road project.  Though China is the new emerging power in world yet India and United States have left no stone unturned to detract Pakistan from joining this new venture of China. It is obvious thing India does not want to see strong Sino-power in Asia as like the USA. Therefore, both of these countries are using their utmost efforts to restrain the project because the success of this venture will undermine the power of India which is the prime ally and partner of USA to many folds. Due to this reason importance of CPEC is beyond the imagination, Gawader to Kashgar route will not only decrease the distance between China and the Middle East but will also provide safe and secure way of oil to China. As Gwadar is located at the forefront of Strait of Hormuz which is the passage way of $40 trillion trade in a year, moreover it will decrease the shipping cost of China to Middle East and African countries to a great extent. For that reason, Chinese government is initially investing $46 billion in this project. Basically CPEC is the name of multiple roads of one corridor: in Pakistan there are three major alignments having multiple roads are the part of this project, western alignment, eastern and central alignment all of these three alignments will be connected through highways and motorways. However, western alignment is more important rather than others because it will open the door of prosperity and development in Baluchistan and KPK, because Chinese investors will establish their manufacturing units on this route, which will increase the opportunity of employment in these remote areas. This is the reason that why foes of Pakistan and China are conspiring against the project; ongoing deficit of the trust about CPEC in Pakistan is also the result of these conspiracies. All over the world big powers have keen eye on this project, and for that Chinese President Xi Jing ping wants to complete this project as fast as possible. According to Andrew small, the author of the China-Pakistan axis: CPEC will be test case for one belt one road, it is pretty much the most advance set of project within the whole initiative. “If China can transform a basket case like Pakistan, a place where United States has spent billions in vain, Beijing standing in the developing world will be massively enhanced. As some American diplomats have said, this could be Beijing’s Marshall Fund Movement”.

The major reality is that china is going to invest in Pakistan’s history’s ever biggest FDI in Pakistan, the country which is facing economic uncertainty since 1970’s. Therefore Fabian tactics are required to carry on the project and to counter with the Machiavellian strategy of competitors. Therefore it is high time to join the hand of government for the sake of country’s development and for the sake of nation’s prosperity.


Written by: Nusrat Yaqoob in Dawn


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