Importance of civic education

Danish Malik

Every state has its own laws and rules, according to which one should be rewarded or punished. The thing that is important than those laws is that citizens are aware of those laws or not. If a person is not aware of his or her rights then how can he, or she, would fight for survival? So the civic education is important to be the part of the race.
Every state gives its citizens equal opportunities to live their lives according to their choice. Everyone has a right to select a career of one’s own choice. The citizens have a democratic right to elect the representatives of their own choice. No one have the authority to force them and change their mind. They have freedom of speech. They have the right to question on the performance of the representatives they elect. They have a right to know because they are paying taxes and from these taxes those representatives are getting salary. So in this case they have a right to know that their taxes are for the prosperity of the state or for the pockets of the political leaders.
It’s a good thing to question to get awareness but it is worse thing to stay quite when you are aware of the things happening. You’ll get answer when you’ll question not by staying quite. It’s your right to question not only to get awareness but also to gain satisfaction.
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