Importance of languages can not be ruled out, says Baligh


ISLAMABAD : Federal Minister for Education, Engr. Baligh-ur-Rehman said Thursday that importance of the languages could not be ruled out.

Addressing concluding ceremony of two-day conference on Persian language under the auspices of Cultural Consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran, Higher Education Commission (HEC) and National University of Modern Languages (NUML), he said that today the world has admitted that sufficient knowledge about different languages could help demonstrate capabilities.

He thanked Iran for laying foundation of Ibn Sena UNESCO award and conferring award to Pakistan. He stressed the need to change faculty and students between Iran and Pakistan to gain advantages from each other’s experiences. He further said that there was need to teach Persian as a compulsory subject.

Tajik Ambassador, Sher Ali Jonnov disclosed that people of Tajikistan have also rendered sacrifices for Persian language. He highlighted that Persian was a great language of literature.

Prominent poet and intellectualist, Iftikhar Arif highlighted the importance of language and literature, said there was need to give language and literature due status. He appreciated HEC for organizing important conference and termed it as the first step towards service of language and literature. He called the need to teach Persian at grass root level. He said there was need to make efforts for highlighting importance of Persian and Arabic languages in educational institutions.

Although Persian is the language of’ Ahl-e-Khurasan’, he said, adding but the educational history could not be written off without Persian language. He added acquaintance from Ameer Khusro, Allama Iqbal, Baydil and Ghalib was not possible without Persian language. Likewise, Iranian cultural centers have been established in Pakistan there was need to Pakistani cultural centers in Iran, he suggested. Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Honordost said that the time has come for the Muslim Ummah to forge unity among its ranks to defeat anti-islamic forces. He assured Persian teachers that no stone wouddl be left unturned for the promotion of the language.

Chief Executive HEC, Dr. Arshad Ali said that language gives strength to the culture. He noted that the youth were betrayed due to difference from literature and language. He said language and literature entice toward the religion. He expressed the wish that maximum number of PHDs must work with Iran.

A joint declaration was presented on culmination of the conference, which recommended patronizing for promoting of Persian language. Cultural Counselor Shahab-ud-Din Durrani, Dr. Mehr Noor Khan, Khanum Zakia Behroz, Khanum Rabia Kiyani and others spoke on the occasion.

On the concluding day of the moot, awards were presented to the distinguished guests.

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