Implementation of UNSC resolution on Kashmir urged

Ashraf Ansari


The Kashmir conference jointly organized by Pakistan Observer and Nazriya Pakistan Council adopted a resolution, condemning Indian repression in Occupied Kashmir and calling for implementation of UN Security Council resolutions enshrining the right of the Kashmiri people to self determination.
The resolution condemns the ongoing Indian repression and brutal atrocities against the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. It strongly urges the UN, EU, US, OIC, Organization of European Security, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to play their rightful role in ensuring the withdrawal of Indian security forces and curbing Indian oppression in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Kashmir conference, through its resolution demanded implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions, which call for free and fair plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir to ascertain will of the people. The UN resolutions have explicitly rejected India’s claim on Kashmir and established self determination as the governing principle for the settlement of the dispute.
The Kashmir conference condemned the Indian move to change the demographic structure of Indian Occupied Kashmir by physical means i.e. uprooting the Muslim community and rehabilitating the Hindus in their place from all parts of India. We feel that such sinister moves by India will not be successful and the voice of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their freedom will ultimately prevail.
The conference welcomed the offer of the new Secretary General of United Nations and the President of United States for their readiness to help resolve the Kashmir issue. It urged other permanent members of the UN Security Council to come forward to play a role in the resolution of this festering problem, which is threatening the peace of South Asia. It urged other Pakistan would welcome the role of the international Community in any form, third party mediation, facilitation, good offices and arbitration, as bilateralism between the two countries in the spirit of Simla Agreement has failed, because of the intransigence of India.
The conference urged the Pakistan and Azad Kashmir Governments to play a more active role in creating awareness of Kashmir problem at the international level. We feel that international pressure on the Indian Government is necessary and the only way to stop them from their brutal atrocities in Kashmir. It observed that the peace in South Asia hangs on the edge of the precipice as Kashmir remains a flash point between the two nuclear powers. “The war between two countries will have a devastating effect not only for South Asia, but also for the whole world, as the nuclear fall out of it will have devastating ramifications. The onus of such a disaster shall lie equally with the permanent members of Security Council. Indifference and apathy toward this problem for too long will be negligence whose costs will be prohibitive.”
The Kashmir conference reiterated that a peaceful solution of Kashmir problem is the only way forward for a durable security and stability in South Asia as Kashmir remains the core issue between India and Pakistan. “We urge India to see reason and instead of brutal suppression of freedom struggle opt for immediate resumption of dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmiris for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute.”

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