Impartial, independent bureaucracy must for holding fair polls: GDA


Free, fair and transparent elections were impossible in the country without deploying impartial and independent bureaucracy of one province to other province, said leaders of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA). Talking to media here, Pir of Pagara Sharif Syed Sibgatullah Shah Rashdi said bureaucracy of one province should be repatriated to other province and vice versa. This will ensure free, fair and transparent elections as the officer of one province would not have interest in other province.
He said massive reshuffle in bureaucracy could only ensure transparent elections in the country. In the current situation free, fair and impartial elections are impossible as majority of bureaucracy is appointed by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) during their long rule of 15 years. He said the bureaucracy is being transferred to one district to other district in same province which would not serve the purpose as their affiliations remains with PML-N. They would try benefiting the former ruling party.
He said GDA would participate in the elections however it has reservations regarding the election conducting machinery. Level playing field is imperative which should be ensured. The tailor made elections like of 2013 would inflict irreparable losses to the country. Criticising PPP, he said agriculture had been destroyed in Sindh.Pakistan People Party had lost elections in 2013 but they were granted additional 15 to 18 seats.
Former Chief Minister Sindh Syed Ghous Ali Shah said free, fair and transparent elections were impossible without placing independent machinery. Majority of current bureaucracy has strong links/affiliations with former ruling party.—APP

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