Impact of terrorism on our economy

Ch. Rehman Nasir
Via email

Pakistan is fighting terrorism from the last two decades. Terror activities have affected badly the infrastructure of many of the recognized industries and production zones of the country. Local and foreign investors have postponed their projects and shifted their investments to other countries because of terrorism. New foreign investors are not even convinced to set up their business in Pakistan due to terror acts and security threats. This has distorted Pakistan’s normal domestic, economic and trading activities which not only forced Pakistan to suffer with higher costs of business but also create hurdles in the production process. We need to realise the magnitude of terrorism and build up a national and public consensus on defeating terrorism and identifying the mindset in our society at all levels. Ulema should come forward and create awareness among people about the real spirit of Islam. As a Pakistani we should join hands with each other and avoid sectarian, linguistic, political and other clashes for a peaceful, prosperous Pakistan. And for this we need a strong determination to eliminate terrorism from our homeland.

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