Impact of CPEC on neighbouring Gulf countries

There is no likely hood of any Impact as a result of CPEC on Iran.It is a partner  in CPEC and stands to gain access to Chinese market as a result of vast network of roads and railways.Iran is a oil producing  country and one of the important members of OPEC.China  is already importing Iranian oil through the existing Malacca route which takes time besides high transportation/shipping charges.The factor of safety of transported oil and goods also comes in because of “Island dispute” in the south China sea.Iraq,Qatar and Saudi Arabia are also important oil producing countries and members if OPEC.China imports oil from these countries to meet its energy/power needs.Presently their exports are also through the Malacca route which,as stated earlier,is longer,time consuming and costly.Gwader port,when commissioned  will surely be a shorter route,less time consuming and less expensive and hence more viable from economic point of view.The possibilities of their using the CPEC are,therefore, more.Gwader,hence. is going to be a very important,stragetic and busy port when fully operational.Both,China and Pakistan,can reap the benefits of Gwader port in terms of volume of exports to China and collection of tax by Pakistan.Hence CPEC is being termed as a economic revolution  and major “Game Changer” for Pakistan.

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