Immaculate strike of thunder

IT was yet another impeccable demonstration of professional preparedness, extra-ordinary skills and agility on the part of our valiant foot soldiers and fighter pilots at Raad ul Burq — Strike of Thunder — exercises which concluded near Bahawalpur on Wednesday. Our battle hardened troops have always proved their skills not only at domestic exercises but also at the international level earning laurels many a times for the country. Entire nation is proud of and can never forget the successes registered and sacrifices rendered by our brave soldiers for the sake of motherland. Our hats are off for those brave soldiers who laid down their lives for a better future of the country
At a time when India has boiled up situation at the LOC and Working Boundary, the presence of top military and civilian leadership at the military drills gave a very lucid message to the enemy, currently being governed by extremists, that the country is fully united and prepared to give a tit for tat response to any adventurism. Addressing the ceremony marking culmination of exercises, PM Nawaz Sharif also explicitly mentioned the very evil intents of the enemy which in fact cannot see Pakistan making forward march towards peace and prosperity. Precision shown by our troops at the exercises and categorical words of the PM on the occasion indeed were not only reassuring for the nation but also carried a very clear message to the enemy: not dare an evil eye on the country as response will be so strong that they will not find any abode to hide. Whilst we welcome regular military drills to review combat readiness of the troops but at the same time, we should also keep an eye on the advances India is making with the cooperation of Israel towards cyber warfare technology, which is described as more complex and detrimental than conventional warfare. We are confident that the relevant quarters will not be oblivious to this threat and will be doing the needful to confront the enemy on that front too. Despite significant progress made by local defence industry, we still need to invest more on this sector to achieve self-reliance and by doing so we can also earn valuable foreign exchange by exporting our defence products.

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