Imam-e-Kaba commends Pakistani’s role for regional peace

President for collective support for troubled Muslim regions

Zahid Chaudhary


Imam-e-Ka’aba Al-Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Muhammad bin Talib who is on visit to Pakistan held meetings with the top leadership of the country including President Mamnnon Hussain and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi , the Imam-e-Kaba appreciated Pakistan’s efforts for regional peace and harmony.
Durring his meeting with the President at Awan-e-Saddar in Islamabad, Imam –e Kaba said that relationship of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is not merely a diplomatic one but it is relationship based on faith, Pakistan is the strength of Saudi Arabia and both countries have collective goals. He stated that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are the major powers of the Islamic World and we have full confidence on their leadership. He further that he fully agreed with the suggestions for the unity and proposals to meet the challenges faced by Muslim Ummah.
President Mamnoon Hussain has proposed a system for the rehabilitation and support of the people suffering due to the unrest and instability in different parts of the Islamic World and said that whole Muslim Ummah including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia should work actively in this regard. He also called for steps to counter Islamophobia.
“I am pleased that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are working together to eliminate these misperceptions against Islam” said the press release issued by the Presidency. “Pakistan fully supports the Saudi Government’s vision 2030 which will create stability in the region and strengthen the economy” he said. He underscored that Islamophobia has emerged in the world during the last few years which needs to be countered.
The President underlined that an effective system through mutual consultation should be developed for the rehabilitation of the people affected by unrest in Muslim World. Mamnnon Hussain also emphasized that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have convergence of views on international and regional issues and they also fully cooperate each other on international forums. He highlighted that every year Saudi Government makes excellent arrangements for Hajj & Umrah.
The President pointed out that unrest was promoted in different part of the Islamic World, Muslims should learn a lesson from it and should work in unison to eradicate this menace. He stressed that the curriculum of religious educational institutions should be improved in accordance with the requirement of modern era so that our coming generations could meet the challenges of modern world. In this respect, it is imperative to include the subjects of science and technology in the curriculum, he added.
While welcoming the Imam, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, said that the people of Pakistan have great respect for him and consider his visit as a matter of honor. The Prime Minister said that his visit would further strengthen the existing close and brotherly ties between the people of the two countries. He added that Pakistan greatly values its ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which draw its strength from religious affinities, historic bonds and mutual respect.
Imam-e-Ka’aba in his remarks thanked the Prime Minister and the government for the warm welcome and observed that the entire Muslim world considers Pakistan as its strength and takes pride in its accomplishments. Federal Minister for Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, Minister for Communication Dr. Hafiz Abdul Karim, Senator Sajid Mir and Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Nawaf Saeed Bin Almalky were also present during the meeting.

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