Illusory surgical strike episode

Muhammad Amir Saleem

After airing of a decorative but short press briefing by Indian DGMO about surgical strike, inside Pakistani Kashmir, provided a springboard to Indian media in support of this strike and extolling Indian Army as the only advanced and well trained force in the world. A venomous campaign against Pakistan and its military has been launched; even without a single evidence of hefty claims of entering 10 or 5 Km inside LOC, destroying 6 terrorists’ launching-pads and killing 35/45 terrorists. In this day and age of advancement, all militaries have state of the art equipment for capturing still photographs, recording of all events and satellite images so and so forth. However, even after a week of the so-called strike, not a single particular evidence has given by the Indian military. Why the most professional, trained and advanced army, could not produce a single photograph of destroyed and charred infrastructure or bodies of terrorists? Did the Indian Special Forces organize the whole operation, by carrying the clubs, swords or spears with them? The helicopters, which dropped soldiers on Pakistani soil, were just toys; no picture or video of dropping soldiers in Pakistani terrain it could get? Anyhow, later, the Indians denied the use of helicopter in this mission! I guess that the Indian Army is finding a good Bollywood director to give the shape to all this falsification. Contrary to this, the Pakistan Army rebutted this fabrication with the utmost professionalism. All electronic and print media persons were flown to the Pakistani side of LOC at forward bases and were shown the on-ground reality. The journalists met local people and soldiers stationed there; and did not find any sign or evidence about the so-called incursion. Every violation of LOC is noticed, recorded and conveyed immediately to the high-ups by this group, then, how a four hours long operation along the LOC went unnoticed; were Indian army using water-gun, plastic-grenade and soundless-rock launchers? Another fact is quite vivid that after Uri incident, Pakistan Army was at its highest alert. The military check-posts sprawl along the LOC and a regular monitoring is done. On top of that our soldiers recently accomplished successfully the most difficult war against terrorists under ‘Zarb-e-Azb’, consequently, their preparedness is far more superior to their adversary. There is no reason to believe that the Indian commandos operation went unchallenged and with no casualties they incurred. All this concoction only provides a good comparison between two armies. This proves that the Indian Army is the best in intrigues or malicious propaganda. In the real battlefield or war like situation, they are incompetent from top to bottom. Simply, they do not have any match with the most professional, organized, determined and well-trained Pakistani Army.

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