Illiteracy and poverty

Syeda Mehwish

Pakistan ranks 189th in the world’s literacy ranking (2011). This educational poverty shows, we need two things the most; first sincere commitment from our leaders and second educational reforms. There are many reasons for low literacy rate in Pakistan such as poverty, population expansion, feudal lords, wadera system, male dominated society and lack of schools in rural areas.
Poverty is the biggest disadvantage and the largest resistance in the development of a country. In Pakistan 40% people are living below poverty line. In such conditions, how is it possible for them to send their children to schools, colleges and universities? According to UNICEF, 17.6% children work and support their families. Now in these sorts of conditions, role and support of government become unavoidable. Pakistan needs massive investment which will help to get rid of poverty and also help improve literacy rate. Education is like a weapon by which we can kill all social evils like poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, fear, superstitious beliefs etc.
— Karachi

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