Illegal water hydrant in Karachi 

Karachi is facing a shortage of 600 million gallons of water per day. Water is being sold through hundreds of water tankers from illegal water hydrant daily, which is being run on government land without any license. There are more than 80 illegal hydrants across Karachi. No civilized society permits the unfettered exploitation of its natural resources by any one particularly in respect of water, which is a vital necessity of life. Ground water is a national wealth and belongs to entire society, which must not be exploited. It is well settled that natural resources like air, sea, water and forests are like public trust.  Water, being a gift of nature, should be made freely available to everyone irrespective of the status. “Doctrine of the Public Trust” as developed during the days of ancient Roman Empire, enjoins upon the Government to protect the resources for the enjoyment of the general public rather than to permit their use for private ownership or commercial purposes. Even under the Islamic law certain water resources are to be protected from misuse and over exploitation. If the process of extracting water in huge quantity is allowed to operate in Karachi, each day, each hour and each minute, water deposits in the aquifer would diminish rapidly and shall adversely affect the rights of masses to use the underground water according to their genuine needs which shall amount to an irreparable loss to them.RAJA MUHAMMAD OWAISKarachi

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