Illegal parking in Turbat

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards a serious issue of Turbat where the people park their vehicles on the roadside because of which we daily face traffic jams in the city. The drivers park their vehicles illegally and people suffer from driving in the city. Actually we must not blame the drivers for parking their vehicles in an illegal manner rather the government should be blamed that there is only one and small parking area in the second biggest city of Baluchistan.
So, if the vehicles would not be parked at roadside then where should they park their vehicles? It is the responsibility of the Government to build parking areas for the citizens so that they should be able to park their vehicles in a proper way. So, the citizens of Turbat humbly request the Government of Baluchistan and concerned authorities to provide parking areas at any rate. I hope that an action will be taken on this main issue at the earliest possible.

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