Illegal detention of Aafia shameful chapter of law history


Karachi—The completion of first 5000 days of the illegal detention of Pakistani mother Dr Aafia is a shameful chapter of the history of law, said former chief justice of Sindh High Court (SHC) Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin Siddiqui.
He said the tragedy of the case of Dr Aafia is that she was sentenced to 86-years imprisonment by a court of so-called champion of democracy, United States of America, where she was deprived of their legal right of defense.
Talking from Lahore on the occasion of the 79 th day of ’86-day symbolic hunger strike Aafia Release camp’ in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Monday, he said that the lack of interest of the defense side in the case of Aafia was a visible during the controversial trial of this case.
He said that these lawyers wanted to hide the facts of kidnapping and human trafficking of Aafia, her illegal transfer to the USA and inhuman torture on her, as they were getting fees from the government for committing this professional dishonesty.
He said that was why during the hearing of the case these lawyers interrupted Dr Aafia in recording her evidence. He said it was crucial to record the evidence of Aafia about inhuman torture on her, but she was deprived of this right. Resultantly, her trial was a joke not with Dr Aafia but with the law and jurisprudence.
He said even if they would have proved that Dr Aafia had injured an American soldier, the 86-years imprisonment was too much even for that crime. He said ironically, saving Dr Aafia no other person was injured in such alleged attack.
He said the American never charged Dr Aafia for terrorism, and 86-year imprisonment to her is a political punishment. He said the issue of Dr Aafia was created by the dictator and it should have been resolved by the democratic rulers. He said the rulers only promised to bring Aafia home but they never fulfilled their promises.—NNI

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