Illegal construction

As we go commercial right and left on top gear, more and more shopping malls, markets, plazas and huge buildings are fast coming up in different parts of the provincial metropolis. There are some civic bodies working whose main task is to keep close eyes on these new huge constructions to ensure no rules and regulations are violated in any manner and the building bye-laws are strictly followed.
But it is a bitter fact that in reality neither rules and regulations nor building bye-laws are being followed in the new constructions which have started and completed generally while the authorities concerned look the other way. Anyone can easily guess whether this is done purposely after palms being greased or phone calls received from influential and well-connected property developers.
Residents of DHA Lahore in general and of Sector P are these days quite disturbed with the speedy construction of a multi-storey plaza short of Bhatta Chowk which they say is yet another example out of numerous illegal construction. I was told about this during visit to my relatives few days back.
The DHA residents say that there are restrictions on height of buildings in DHA as all incoming aircrafts overfly it for landing purposes. They also say that this supposedly illegal high rise multi-storey plaza is taking place with the patronage of a federal minister who hails from walled city of Lahore.
A huge multi-storeyed building in Bhallah Chowk, Jauhar Town Lahore is yet another example of how do the civic bodies officials work. The building was allowed to be raised to the fourth floor and almost completed and then the LDA officials came, noticed its being illegal and put up a notice to this effect on the front of the building. It is commonly understood that once a building is constructed to the roof level, legally or illegally, it becomes difficult to demolish it being illegal. Worthy CM Shehbaz Sharif is requested to kindly look into this illegality because it poses serious threats to all aircrafts flying over DHA to land at the new Lahore Airport.

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