Ill-founded US charges against Pakistan

US State Department has said Washington would encourage greater dialogue and counter-terrorism cooperation between Pakistan and India. Good and welcome. But addition of the remarks by Deputy Spokesperson “It is important that Pakistan do the utmost to prevent terrorists from carrying out acts of terror – not just in Pakistan but elsewhere in the region” smack of mischief on the part of the only super power.
These comments are not just unkind but brutal as these injure sentiments of people of Pakistan who have been rendering unmatched sacrifices in the war against terror since 9/11. No other country including the United States has incurred so much loss both in men and material as has been inflicted on Pakistan during these years. Pakistan has also been cooperating with the United States and the international community out of the way and beyond its capacity and means. However, despite all this such remarks speak volumes about biased attitude of the United States, which has been pressurizing Pakistan to do more to cover up its own failures in Afghanistan. Would the United States tell why it has miserably failed to restore normalcy, peace and security to Afghanistan despite adoption of all tactics at its disposal during the last fifteen years? Why the United States, its allies and the Afghan Government have failed to prevent cross border terror attacks in Pakistan from Afghan soil? Who is shielding and promoting Mullah Fazlullah? Who is harbouring Indian RAW agents to use Afghan soil against Pakistan? Who is sending mercenaries, saboteurs and terrorists to Balochistan and Karachi? Why the United States is unable to name other countries that are real sources of terror and conflict?

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