IK’s revenge hidden behind accountability: Hamza

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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz on Thursday said that the party has seen the times of dictatorship and they will now combat this ‘fake’ rule in the country.
Speaking to media Hamza said, ‘During Musharraf’s era we underwent accountability for ten years. We are in favour of accountability but Imran Khan’s revenge is hidden behind this accountability.’
‘National Accountability Bureau (NAB) people are sitting in the federal and provincial government and Imran Khan is clean himself,’ Hamza said.
He added, ‘NAB is on Imran Khan’s side and now even the Supreme Court has shown its distrust of the accountability watch-dog.’
Pointing towards the prime minister, Hamza said, ‘they are always talking about putting 50 thieves behind bars. Are they hiding their incompetence with deception and accusations?’
He asserted, ‘Shahbaz Sharif served Punjab with honesty for ten years. He did not take even an inch of land in Ashiana or even a rupee from the national treasury.’
‘The finance minister says that we will be receiving $2billion in aid from Saudi Arabia,’ the opposition leader in Punjab Assembly said and added, ‘They are insulting the entire country and should act sensibly.’
‘You [Imran Khan] should leave the attitude of container politics. The nation will hold you accountable for your lies and u-turns,’ the PML-N leader added.—INP

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