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Pakistan will continue supporting Kashmiris in their heroic struggle: Nasser Janjua; Mirwaiz lauds late Zahid Malik’s lifelong support to Kashmir cause

Ashraf Ansari / Muhammad Arshad

Islamabad: President Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan says, India will never succeed in defeating the Kashmiri people who are determined to liberate themselves from the Indian occupation.
Addressing the Kashmir conference – A Way Forward here Thursday, he paid glowing tributes to the people of Indian occupied Kashmir who are engaged in heroic struggle against the Indian occupation of their land and undergoing worst type of repression by the Indian military forces.
He said, the Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir are committing crimes against humanity. They are carrying out acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The world needs to take notice of these crimes being committed by the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.
Sardar Masood Khan said, Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir complement each other as none of Kashmiri people is ‘you are our kith and kin, you are not alone in your struggle against the Indian repression, Pakistani people and government are at your back.’
Addressing the participants of the conference via telephone from Srinagar, APHC chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq paid glowing tributes to the late Editor in Chief Pakistan Observer Zahid Malik for his life long support to Kashmir cause as well as allocating a full page of Pakistan Observer for Kashmir.
He said that India occupied Jammu and Kashmir on account of a controversial and fake document of accession. Pakistan fought a number of wars with India for Kashmiris and we are thankful to Pakistan for their support.
He urged Indian political leadership to shun audacity and hold meaningful dialogue with Pakistan for peaceful solution of Kashmir issue. He also saluted the untiring struggle and unmatchable sacrifices rendered by Kashmiris in their freedom movement.
Former Prime Minister of Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan in his address to the conference said, Pakistan is not complete till the occupied Kashmir is liberated from the Indian occupation. He quoted Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who had stressed this point with conviction.
He said, there was need to highlight the Kashmir issue in its proper perspective worldover. At the same time there should be a sustained programme to promote awareness among the nation about all aspects of the issue. He cautioned against certain elements who are trying to cause despondency among the people regarding Kashmir issue.
Sardar Attique Ahmed Kahn said, there is also need to repel Indian propaganda against the struggle of the Kashmiri people and Pakistan’s principled stand on this issue. “There should be energetic efforts to move towards resolution of the issue in the framework of the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.” He pointed out that there could be no just resolution of the issue without taking the Kashmiri people on board.
He proposed that the educational institutions and research organizations in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir should undertake study programmes on Kashmir issue so that the people in the country and the world at large could better understand the nature of the problem and possibilities of its resolution.
Spouse of JKLF leader Yasin Malik, Mashaal Mullick said that Kashmiris were forced to remain under months long state of curfew under Indian occupational forces, but the international community was not paying heed towards this state of harassment in India Occupied Kashmir.
She said that Indian occupational forces were criminalizing the just freedom struggle of Kashmiris through malicious propaganda worldwide. “Therefore, there must be mechanism to prove this propaganda as fake and false.”
She urged India to come to negotiation table to resolve the Kashmir issue because winds of change were blowing in the skies of South Asia.
APHC leader Yousuf Naseem said that despite enormous atrocities by occupational Indian forces, Kashmiris were determined to push out Indian forces and to win freedom. He added that almost five hundred thousand Kashmiris had been martyred in the freedom movement; therefore, no Kashmiri is frightened of sacrificing life for this cause.
He urged the federal government to empower the AJK government for diplomatic offensive to break the impact of Indian propaganda at all the international forums.
APHC leader Ghulam Mohammad Safi said that Kashmir issue was still on the agenda of United Nations. The United Nations provided a comprehensive roadmap for the resolution of Kashmir issue, therefore, we must not accept any deviation in this roadmap and press the world and India to implement the roadmap.
He also pressed on the Federal government to evolve and announce a National Kashmir Policy with consensus and this policy should not be changed with the change of government.
Convener APHC AJK chapter Mir Syed Tahir Masood said that India had been violating the international laws and UN resolutions for over seven decades but the international community had not taken any action against India. Reason for this in-action is that entire world is being driven by economic interests. “Therefore, we are required to sensitize the Kashmir issue world over.”
In his welcome address, Mr. Faisal Zahid Malik, Editor-in-Chief Pakistan Observer said, it was honour for him to represent his father late Mr. Zahid Malik at the conference, who was an ardent supporter of Kashmir cause and had strong feelings for Kashmiris.
He said, Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan and unfinished agenda of Indo-Pakistan partition and resolution of the Kashmir issue is must for lasting peace and stability in this part of the world. “The whole Pakistani nation is at the back of Kashmiri people who are valiantly struggling to exercise their right to self determination”.
Mr. Malik said, though the people of Pakistan have suffered a lot for their principled stand on Kashmir but they are determined to continue their full support to the Kashmiri people in their heroic and just struggle. “The Kashmiri people and Pakistani nation are one and they share common destiny”, he said. “The Pakistani nation reiterates its resolve every year on the day of solidarity with the Kashmiri people, to remain committed to the cause of the Kashmiri people.
He said, Pakistan’s unflinching support for the Kashmiri people will continue to stay as long as the issue is not solved in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions providing right of self determination to the Kashmiri people. “India will never succeed in its nefarious designs and machinations to keep the people of Jammu and Kashmir under subjugation for ever. “It will have to bow before the wishes of the people of the State.” them can feel complete without the other. Pakistan he said, made sacrifices for the cause of the Kashmiri people and it is determined to continue to support their cause morally and diplomatically. At the same time the Kashmiri people in the armed services of Pakistan have been sacrificing their lives for the defence of the country.
He said, peace in South Asia is dependent on the resolution of the Kashmir issue. In fact the world peace remains in danger till the issue is resolved peacefully.
He said, the struggle in occupied Kashmir is generational and our fifth generation is now confronting Indian might to attain their right to self determination. This struggle will continue till success.
Sardar Masood Khan lauded the heroic courage of Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and other Hurriyet leaders in leading the liberation struggle in Occupied Kashmir.
President Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir said, massive efforts are afoot to bring about socio-economic revolution in Azad Kashmir. “We are determined to make this part of Jammu and Kashmir as a model region”, he said. He was happy to announce that Azad Kashmir has been made a part of C-PEC project and there will be an industrial zone in Bhimber, Azad Kashmir.
Addressing the conference, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security, Lt. Gen. (Retd). Mohammad Nasser Khan Janjua said, Pakistan believes in peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions that call for holding of plebiscite in the whole of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. India has been defying these resolution for their obvious fears that the Kashmiri people will never go for joining India.
He said, India has crossed all limits of repression and brutality in Occupied Kashmir but still it has not succeeded to dampen their spirit for liberty. The people of Occupied Kashmir, young and old, even children are raising slogans for Azadi.
He said, Pakistan has always supported the struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right to self determination and this support will always continue, come what may.
The Adviser on National Security said, Pakistan’s message to the

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