IHC somersault on fee issue

THE Islamabad High Court (IHC) ruled on Wednesday in favour of private schools of the capital, allowing them to charge summer vacation fee from students. A single-bench of the IHC had earlier stopped schools from collecting fee from students during the summer break but the Supreme Court had dismissed the order and sent the matter back to the High Court.
The judge, who ordered private schools not to collect fee for summer vacation, might have his own reasons and the one who allowed receipt of the fee might have some other reasons but the episode shows decisions are often taken whimsically and are not always based on merit. There are two aspects of the issue of charging summer vacation fee from students. Those who oppose the fee for these months say there was no justification for charging fee when there are no classes. However, others say the educational institutions have to incur expenditure like payment of salaries to teachers, utility bills and rent in case of rented building. But these issues are also linked directly to what is being charged on a monthly basis as some institutions charge hefty fee and they can afford to spare expenditure for summer vacation from the fee collected in other months. In the case of others, there was no logic for collecting tuition fee when no teaching is involved but other expenses can obviously be charged. It is also complained by majority of teachers of private schools that they are not paid for three months of summer vacation. In such cases, charging of normal fee for these months can be considered as injustice and discouraged by the authorities concerned.

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