IHC, Interior Ministry & Constitution

Islamabad High Court (IHC) rightly admitted the petition to provide relief and justice in view of extreme trouble continuously faced by people of all ages and professions in Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to Dharna at Faizabad, Islamabad. The issue was too serious, but it was not taken seriously. The Court considered all the facts on merit and issued the relief order with directive to the Ministry of Interior to clear the place occupied by protestors and it was now Ministry’s responsibility to enforce it with sincerity and true spirit. However, the court directive was not implemented as it needed to be implemented and resultantly the people witnessed chaos of all sorts. After the accord between Ministry of Interior & Protesters leadership, court was surprised to know, the mediators & terms, agreed. The law of the land has not been felt respected in the accord & court has questioned this thing. Now, it has become very much necessary for the sake of nation and country to sort out the issue on a permanent basis & this could only be done by the government & not by Justice Sahukat Aziz alone.
The government must introduce a constitutional amendment without any delay to secure the relevant article by making it irrevocable with more details. There must also be clear oaths for Prime Minister, Chairman/Speaker of Senate/NA, Governors, Chief Ministers, Chief justices & Forces Chiefs like the oath of President to ensure Muslim leadership in Islamic Republic of Pakistan on all State key positions.

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