IG thinks he is above law—angry at being searched at SC

Staff Reporter

Karachi—Can law differentiate between high and low, rich and poor? This is the question commonly being asked now after the Sindh IG Police Allah Dino Khawaja lost temper at being searched by security staff at the Supreme Court, and ordering the staff demanding his search to be called to police head office.
Can this be expected from him, or can such a behavior create class-consciousness. If a ruler has been framed in the wake of persistent terror incidents and mass killings in different cities, IG< Governor, Chief minister or even superior court judges all need to subordinate themselves to law, rules and regulations, else all the energies, mobilized for protection and safety of people, would fritter away.
The IG car was stopped at the gate when it was about to enter the supreme court building in Karachi, where he was required for hearing on Karachi peace situation, but instead of appreciating rewarding his subordinates, he fumed with anger, and ordered the persons to be shifted immediately to central police office—kind of transfer or punishment, reprimand etc.
But howsoever sad it may be, it has happened, which the government or the chief justice should take notice, and rehabilitate the staff on security duties, and penalize the IG Sindh for demanding something beyond the call of duty.

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